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Karen Floyd has led eight affiliated yet distinct companies, all under The Palladian Group banner she founded in 1997. Recognized as one of the most dynamic CEOs in the Southeast, Floyd is a high-demand speaker and consultant on a variety of corporate and business development issues.

The Palladian Group With three divisions – Palladian Marketing & Public Relations, Palladian Technologies, and Palladian Development & Foundations – The Palladian Group is well into its second decade of operations. The Palladian Group has been recognized nationally for its work, and its roster of clients includes some of the most influential and successful companies and organizations in their respective fields.
TPG Universal - Specializing in business and brand building development, TPG Universal was founded in 2000. TPG Universal launched the Granite line of household and consumer products, and provides integrated sourcing services to lower the cost of manufactured products.
TPGU II - A tile and flooring accessories company with a sundry of patents and patent pendings, TPGU II has established itself as an innovative product development powerhouse. TPGU II has a proven track record of outperforming expectations in product development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.
The Palladian View is dedicated to making the political process more relevant to the lives of everyday Americans. From national events to a grassroots speaker series, Palladian View is dispelling the myth that there’s no longer room for statesmen in politics.
Serving as the cornerstone of Palladian Publications, Elysian is a quarterly, women-centric magazine seeking to showcase the best this region has to offer. This magazine includes articles about lifestyle, fashion, health, beauty, and exceptional women.
From concept creation to shooting and editing, Palladian Productions expertly crafts video projects, making sure every frame is on message.
Colibri Collection is a luxury jewelry line with signature style. For the most-discerning eye, each of these pieces tells a unique story.
Karen Floyd earned her juris doctorate from the University of South Carolina Law School, where she was elected President of the Student Bar Association, before embarking upon a successful legal career. Floyd's legal expertise is a critical asset for her business interests as well as for many of her clients and for the boards and organizations she serves.

Positions & Associations:
The first woman to be elected chair of the South Carolina Republican Party, Karen Floyd has long been regarded a political leader in her home state and beyond.

Following her two-year tenure leading the SC GOP during which the party enjoyed unprecedented success in the 2010 mid-term elections, she has been recognized as a rising national Conservative voice. In the past decade alone, she has raised more than $25 million for political candidates and causes about which she is passionate. A sought-after speaker, Floyd is also highly experienced as a national radio and TV interview source.

Floyd is a recipient of The Order of the Palmetto, the highest civilian honor awarded by the Governor of South Carolina, recognizing people who make contributions of statewide significance. She currently sits on the board of the South Carolina Ports Authority. Floyd is former chair of the Spartanburg County Council and former Chief Magistrate of Spartanburg County, the first woman to hold both positions in the fourth largest county in South Carolina.

Floyd earned a juris doctorate from the University of South Carolina School of Law, where she was elected President of the Student Bar Association.

Floyd, 53, and her husband, Gordon, have two twin 19 year old sons in college and live in Spartanburg, SC.